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The Bachelor Degree Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design Industries (shortly known as Department of Cultural Creative Design) was found in the 2016 academic year, and is under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The program aims to cultivate overall cultural and creative design talents to be equipped with the knowledge of marine literacy, foreign language and digital literacy and be specialized in the use of cultural and creative resources, cultural and creative product design, and cultural and creative industry management. The program focuses on cultivating students' integrated design and service design capabilities, in response to the emerging social human resources needs. Combined with off-campus resources, the program strengthens industry-university collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning, and tightly integrates such learning with graduates' employment. In addition to full-time lecturers, relevant industry teachers are also recruited to lecture. The program also collaborates with public and private sectors relevant to the cultural creative design industry to set up a student internship scheme.


Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and features a unique marine nature and culture. However, among the many cultural and creative industry departments within the universities, there has not been a teaching and research unit that uses the marine culture as a foundation and incorporates marine awareness within to highlight the natural and humanistic characteristics of Taiwan's ocean. "Marine" had been our developing feature ever since the university was founded. Considering the national and international emerging industries, national legislation and policy needs, local transformation and development, and social responsibility practices, the university finds it necessary to establish a bachelor program in cultural creative design with oceanic features to cultivate cultural creative design talents with marine humanistic literacy, digital knowledge and internationalized capabilities, to benefit the development of social culture and economy, and continue to enhance the contributions of Taiwan Ocean University.


The department's curriculum development focus: (1) the foundation curriculum emphasizes marine literacy, foreign language proficiency and digital knowledge; (2) the specialized curriculum focuses on marine cultural resources, cultural and creative product design, and cultural and creative industry management; (3) the department integrates the university's related teaching resources; (4) the department strengthens the connection between industry and education and cross-disciplinary learning. The department features a three-dimensional production room, digital and graphic production room, computer drawing room, painting room, photography studio, student practice room, as well as 3D printing, laser cutting and other digital manufacturing devices. This is to meet the needs of professional courses such as graphics, digital and three-dimensional design, and to provide a space for students to display their works and encourage students to participate in international competitions to cultivate their international visibility.


The department features the comprehensive curriculum of marine cultural and creative resources, cultural and creative product design and cultural and creative industry management, providing students with unique marine elements and cultural heritage, and cultivating their practical ability to engage in the creative design industry. In addition to further studying in related fields or participating in relevant public servant examinations, graduates are mainly engaged in the work of developing cultural and creative design industries, such as cultural cloud and cultural and creative cloud application, brand marketing, cultural and creative product design and manufacturing, service integration design, advertising and publication design, digital cultural and creative design, industrial design, digital content and entertainment industry, advertising copywriting planning, art culture administration and appreciation, cultural and creative goods intermediary marketing, cultural and creative enterprise management, related marine culture and museums, art and cultural activities curation, ocean cultural and creative sightseeing and leisure, and others.

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