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Career Possibilities

Employment vision

  1. Apply for certificates related to the cultural and creative industries.
  2. Apply for relevant public office positions, such as cultural administration, immigration administration, and general administration, etc.
  3. The oceanic features can be linked to the 15 types of industries and their corresponding positions defined by the government as “the cultural and creative industries,” such as cultural cloud and cultural-creative cloud applications, cultural-creative marketing strategy analyst, cultural-creative products and services integration planner, advertising and publishing design industry, digital content designer, product designer, industrial designer, digital content and entertainment industry, advertising proposal planning specialist, digital cultural industry marketing, art administration and appreciative evaluation, theatricals-related works, screenwriter, intermediary and sales of various cultural-creative products, cultural-creative enterprise management, director, animator, television and film-related works, photographer, art publishing, and music industry-related works.
  4. Choice of study in Cultural & Creative Industries business, and other fields in domestic and foreign-specialized schools to obtain more sophisticated employability.
  5. Can implement the compound expertise to work in the oceanic industry, oceanic humanities and society, oceanic economy, oceanic resources management, oceanic tourism, and leisure industries.
  6. Can engage in the tasks of planning, management, and decision-making in the cultural and creative industries, and move toward the best approach in implementing cultural-creative design.

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